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The Abrahamic Religion is a religious naturalism and without making any distinction on natural truth. Truth is everything in agreement with validity or the metaphysical, epistemological and auxological facts or reality. Accordingly, the Abrahamic Religion uphold moral universalism and make all gods the same god, a true Monotheist.

Say: "People of the Book! You have no valid ground for your beliefs unless you uphold the Torah and the Gospel and what has been revealed to you from your Lord." (Q5:68)

Who could have a better deen than someone who submits himself completely to Allah/Sunnatullah and is a natural-doer, and follows the religion of Abraham, ie. a man of pure natural belief (naturalist)? Allah took Ibrahim as an intimate friend/Khalifa. (Q4:125)


Do they say that Ibrahim and Ismail and Ishaq and Yaqub and the Tribes were Jews or Christians (OR even "Muslims")? Say, "Do you know better or does Allah?" Who could do greater wrong than someone who hides the evidence he has been given by Allah? Allah is not unaware of what you do. That was a community which has long since passed away (AND THUS not even "Muslim"). It has what it earned. You have what you have earned. You will not be questioned about what they did. (Q2:140-141)

Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian (nor a "Muslim") but a man of pure natural belief (naturalist) who surrendered (to the LordLaw of Nature). He was not one of the idolaters (religisim). (Q3:67)

Abraham was
  • not a Jew / not Judaism
  • not a Christian / not Christianity
  • not a Muslim / not Islam
  • not Religism (Hinduism, Buddhism, Atheism etc)
  • a Naturalist (Hanif, Pure Natural Believer / Sunnatullah Alone)

Then We revealed to you (Muhammad): "Follow (is a Follower; therefore there is no religion from Muhammad but) the religion of Abraham [It is the religion of] a man of pure natural belief (naturalist). He was not one of the idolaters (religism)." (16:123)

IF Abrahamic Religion

  • not a Jew
  • not a Christian
  • not a Muslim
  • not Religism (Hinduism, Buddhism, Atheism etc)

ELSE People of the Book

"...A half truth is a whole lie..."

The People of the Book who are kafir and the idolaters will be in the Fire of Hell, remaining in it timelessly, for ever. They are the worst of creatures. (98:6)


✓ The Brain (Philosophy)
  • Those who have facts and do not mix up facts with opinions, they are the ones who are safe; it is they who are guided. This is the argument We gave to Abraham against his people. (Q6:82-83)

✓ The Heart (Spirituality)
  • I have turned my face to the Light who manifested everything in heavens and earth into being, a pure natural believer. I am not one of the delusional. (Q6:79)

Who but a fool would forsake the religion of Abraham? We have chosen him in this world and he will rank among the righteous in the Hereafter. (Q2:130)

As for those who divide up their 'natural' deen and form into sects (ie. Jew or Christian or Muslim or Religism etc), you have nothing whatsoever to do with them. (Q6:159)

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