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Author Topic: What is the Quran?  (Read 455 times)

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Mahdi Ibrahim

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Re: What is the Quran?
« on: March 25, 2019, 10:11:11 pm »
Have iman in the Quran means:

But as for those who have clear evidence from their Lord followed up by a witness from Him — and before it the Book of Musa came as a model and a mercy — such people have iman in it (the Quran). Any faction which rejects it is promised the Fire. Be in no doubt about it. It is the Truth from your Lord. But many people have no iman (in the Quran). (11:17)
  • Clear evidence from their Lord (Sunnatullah, LordLaw of Nature)
  • followed up by a witness from Him (Revelation) <- you thought this is Quran ALONE
  • Before it the Book/Ordain of Musa came as a model and a mercy (Tawba, align our nature with NATURE)(7:156-157, OBEY/AGREE/ALLIES with Natural Person/Society Only)
Only these people are the Quran (SOUND ARGUMENT) ALONE.

ELSE, Kafir/Mushrik:

The definition of the Deen, Salat and Mushrik:
So set your face firmly towards the Deen,

[What is the Deen? It is the Deen]

as a pure natural believer,

[What is the Deen as a Pure Natural Believer? It is]

Allahs natural pattern on which He made mankind.

[It is Natural Pattern, the Law of Nature. What is the Law of Nature?]

There is no changing Allahs creation.

[It is the Sunnatullah ALONE. "You will never encounter an alternative for sunnatullah. You will never find an alteration in the sunnatullah! (35:43)"]

That is the true Deen but most people do not know it

[Thus, what is your duty?]

turning towards Him (LordLaw of Nature).

Have taqwa (awareness) of Him (LordLaw of Nature, LordLaw of Cause & Effect)

[That is the definition of "Salat"]

and establish salat.

[It is to the duty to align our nature with NATURE. What is against "Salat"?]

Do not be among the Mushriks:

[Who are the Mushriks? They are]

those who split up their deen (of Ecological Justice, Nature + Unnature = Unnature.. for? reason?),

and form into sects (of Political Jurisprudence, Forced Justice.. Religism)

Each group happy with what it had.


It is not a matter of wishful thinking (unnatural) on your part nor of the wishful thinking (unnatural) of the People of the Book (of Forced Justice, Political Jurisprudence). Anyone who does evil/unnature will be repaid for it. He will not find any protector or helper besides Allah/Sunnatullah. (4:123)

'Ego Never Accepts the Truth (Sunnatullah/Nature)'

Have you seen the one who has taken his ego as his GOD? Do you think that you can guide such a person? (25:43)

Have you seen him who takes his ego to be his GOD? ie. whom Allah has misguided knowingly, sealing up his hearing and his heart and placing a blindfold over his eyes? Who then will guide him after Allah? So will you not pay heed? (45:23)

Therefore: Shirk.

But what of him against whom the sentence of punishment is justified? Can you rescue one who is already in the Fire? (39:19)
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